About us

Dear students and honored colleagues

The severity of the changes and their consequences, which manifest themselves very significantly in the life of European citizens and hence in Slovakia, a significant part of the population is well aware of. They are part of the process that takes place in the historical development in relation to the development of human society, doctrinal knowledge, philosophical views and legal fictions. The status of man in society is partially changing, and ostensibly, the emphasis is put on the nature, extent and guarantee of his livelihood, his rights and freedoms that should be essential to the life of every man and especially they come to the surface in the field of social work and public policy and administration.

The study programmes of Faculty of Social Studies are focused on the task to prepare their students properly for finding the solutions of current problems so that our graduates make a valuable contribution to our homeland and to the world. It is necessary to approach the excellent elites in such a way that they are, both humanely and professionally, formed and not “deformed”.  This is one of the goals of our Alma Mater, College Danubius. Our graduates spread a good name of College Danubius and of our faculty, which strives to achieve a leading educational and research position in Slovakia.
Cyclic failure of the market mechanism is a phenomenon that is researched in economic science. We cannot afford this cyclic failure in our field. The results of our work must be good even in worse conditions, because those who need our help have no time for delay. Therefore, it is our goal to use knowledge, skills, information, ability to analyze and synthesize, hard work and disciplined study, to prepare our students for life and for work in difficult conditions. Simply, we want our students to be equal partners in the common European house. Close and correct symbiosis of the teachers and students must create a functional and dynamic entity with a top position in the system of university education. This ambition is understood in the light of the dynamics of change and the possibility of working in a competitive environment with all its causalities.
Our goal is clear, but a good university is created by good teachers and good students. Only then can we fulfill this goal to the satisfaction of all of us.
To do this, I wish you much success, well-being and the full exercise of your personality.


Your dean of FSS
PhDr. Petronela Šebestová, PhD.