Positions for graduates

SOCIAL WORK as an academic field is a part of many social requirements of the 3rd millennium in the tertiary sphere of social life. It is a multidisciplinary academic field and its theory is based on practical experience and returns to experience. Social work is not a profession.

Perspectives of social work are immense – based on the demographic developments, which clearly declare the population is aging, average human life is still longer, which means larger share of seniors in population and within families. Relatives need to take care of their elderly.

Social worker – Bachelor´s degree is able to analyse issues and possibilities, which surface in many parts of social sphere, to propose forms of social help and whole systems and implement them. A graduate acquires knowledge of economy, law, institutions and management, forms and methods of social work, social policies, theory of social work and its application.

Social worker – Master´s degree is able to analyse and understand the core of problems typical for individuals, groups and communities, to specify, propose, implement and keep extensive integrative solutions. A graduate uses modern methods and ways to bring solutions and is able to work in the project that includes identification of problem, suggestion and implementation of solution.