Info on possibilities

Faculty of Social Studies offers you the possibility to study the programmes
3.1.14 SOCIAL WORK (Bc., Mgr.)
3.2.1 JOURNALISM (Bc.)

Form: daily and external
Method: combined (attendance, e-learning, mastery learning)
Applications are accepted until the beginning of new academic year.



  • A student is our client
  • A teacher is here for a student
  • mastery learning (student can choose his own speed of learning based on the materials he gets before the term begins  (basic modules of subject, electronic book or lectures, list of recommended literature, exam questions)
  • attention is paid to learning, not to “educating” (possibility to present own work in local media)
  • exams are creative (also through skype)
  • education is guaranteed by experienced teachers with extensive practical experience
  • state exams are understood as a presentation of acquired knowledge (focus on colloquial defence of diploma thesis)
  • supportive service (own centres of practical education, library, reprography, internet, bookshop)
  • accommodation


Social work - curriculum

Legislation (law of social security, labour law, civil law, administrative law, medical law, family law, criminal law), social politics and policies, sociology, economy, social advice, social pathology, criminology, social and legal protection of children, social curatorship, management of social services, history of social work, methodology of research, quantitative and qualitative methods, social pedagogy, supervision, social philosophy, andragogy, psychology, special pedagogics, mediation, social communication.

Focus groups of profession: challenged citizens, seniors, victims of violence, homeless people, addicts, crisis intervention, gendermainstreaming, ageism, social curatorship, organisation of public administration, cultural anthropology, community work, projects, community planning, personal management, life-long education, social work in healthcare, human rights, financing of social services, protection of personal data, marketing.